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What is personal statement essay?

College education is much more than receiving grades for ordinary tests. In particular, college students are often assigned with writing a personal statement essay, which is an important part of the process of college admission. However, this aspect of college application can be very stressful for students, because not all of them know what this kind of paper stands for and how to write it correctly.

What is a personal statement?

When talking about college education, the terminology of various types of essays might be confusing. In this regard, there is a need to give a definition of the personal statement. It is a paper that a student needs to write to demonstrate the college committee what kind of person they are and why they are worth being admitted to the given college. It needs to be noted that unlike the term “college essay”, the personal statement paper is also included in the process of application to graduate school. However, these two concepts could be used interchangeably with no distinct difference in meaning.

Why do colleges demand a personal statement essay?

There are a couple of reasons why educational establishments ask students to submit this kind of essay, but basically this is because they want to get more information on your personality beyond your performance in school and exam grades that you have previously received. Primarily, a personal statement essay is a paper that gives an insight into your individuality answering the question of what makes you unique and what distinguishes you from other applicants. If you are curious, ambitious and caring, it is very likely that the admission committee will consider these qualities valuable and worthy. This will ensure that you get admitted to the college of your dreams. In such a way, the above peculiarities of the personal statement essay show that you need to make a considerable effort when writing this kind of paper to reveal your strong side and demonstrate your uniqueness.

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